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That’s correct. As part of Bingo Cabin’s ongoing quest of bringing players closer to winning thousands of dollars in real cash prizes and online. Bingo Cabin is giving away one free $30 sign-up bonus (no deposit or credit card required) – for bingo and slots – to each new registered player that downloads Bingo Cabin’s and completes their Bingo Cabin registration.

With that said, if you would like to see actual proof that playing at Bingo Cabin can (and does) result in instant monetary windfalls, then have a look at the following testimonials from real-life Bingo Cabin winners…

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Nannax6  won  $16,000  on    at  Bingo Cabin

Hi, N35, come on [inaudible], N35! BINGO! Oh… wow, I just won myself $16,000. Yes, I did that… back in March of this year at I’m Nannax6 and I’m telling you this is the best bingo site to play at. Not only do they have great chat hosts, they have great players, and we all do come just like one big family… Cheer for each other, happy when we win, happier when they don’t win, but all in all, it’s a great bingo site. I got my lucky hat… and when I won my $16,000, I bought my husband a [inaudible], bought my daughter a car, and spent the rest on me. Happy ‘bingoing’ from and Nannax6. ”
– Nannax6
Carmelle81  has  been  playing  at  Bingo Cabin  for  over  4  years

Hi, I’m Carmelle81 and I play at Bingo Cabin. I’ve been here for over 4 years and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. This site is absolutely wonderful. It’s 3D experience is phenomenal. The signup bonuses are amazing. You couldn’t ask for any friendlier staff running the bingo chat games. It is great. I truly feel like I have family and friends here at Bingo Cabin. You need to get there to Join me. All you stay-at-home moms… I’m one of them. This is a great way to get your entertainment. That’s why I stay here and I’ll continue to stay here. My children actually love watching me play the games. They can’t wait for those purple bingo cards cause when I yell BINGO, we’re all happy. Get there today – Look for Carmelle81. Sit down at the table. You might find me at the Blackjack room. See ya later. ”
– Carmelle81
polarbear1969  won  over  $2,000  playing  at  Bingo Cabin

Hi Bingo Cabin, I’m polarbear1969 and I’ve enjoyed playing all your games for years. I even won a jackpot for over $2,000! I’m saving it for a pickup truck. I’ll send you a picture of me and the truck too. Where’s the best bingo site? ”
– polarbear1969
crash274  won  $1,000  on    at  Bingo Cabin

BingoCabin Take 1: Hi Bingo Cabin! It’s crash274. I’m here from Canada, Ontario. And I just want to say how much I love your website. I absolutely really love it. When I wanna get away from everybody, I sit on my laptop out on the deck and play bingo! And then I also love to play the slot games – there’s so many to choose from. I recently won $1,000 on Galaxy of Riches… I was so excited! I didn’t tell anybody. It’s gonna be for Christmas. So anybody out there watching this video… if you really love to play bingo, and love to gamble and play slots – and chat with people – you gotta try it. – give it a try. ”
– crash274
evyy  won  $1,000  on    at  Bingo Cabin

I would like to thank Lost City of Atlantis and Bingo Cabin for the win of $1,000 and I’ll be purchasing a gazebo with it. Thank you very much. ”
– evyy
cathey26  has  been  playing  at  Bingo Cabin  since  2007

[singing]… Joined 2007 and always feel at home. I’ve been very lucky… won quite alot of cash, but there’s one game I really like, It’s in my secret stash… [Jackpot Jamboree]. No time for singing… [it’s] time to go and play. That is all from cathey26 – so long farewell… ”
– cathey26

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    Love this game. It is awesome. Have had no issues with accidentally closing or lagging.

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    I have been playing this game for a few years now which is rare for me. I tend to get bored pretty quickly but this one’s very good.

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    Love it!! Excellent game.

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    Loving this game, quick moving, good graphics, and loads of chances to obtain more bonuses.

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    I really like this game. It’s by far the best pokies I have tried!!!!!

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