Bingo Cabin Download Instructions

Downloading & Installing Bingo Cabin is Easy!

Bingo Cabin’s is renowned for its ease of installation. Generally speaking, downloading and installing Bingo Cabin is a very simple process that takes a couple of minutes to complete. Whether you opt for the 3-step install, or prefer more specific instructions, the Bingo Cabin software download and installation guide below will help you begin playing in a breeze.

Here’s the short version of the Bingo Cabin download instructions – and how to get started – for those who are already comfortable with carrying out such installations. More follow.

You are only three steps away from hours of fun…
bingo cabin download instructions step 1
bingo cabin download instructions step 2
bingo cabin download instructions step 3
and Run Installer
Click on “Save File” and then
double-click on the .exe file.
2. Register your details
with Bingo Cabin
Fill in your details and choose
a username to play as.
3. Start playing games
at Bingo Cabin!
Double-click the icon on your
desktop to launch Bingo Cabin.
That’s it! Bingo Cabin should now be installed and ready to go.
Step-By-Step Instructions:
bingo cabin number one circle  Download & Installation
  • Click the “GET STARTED!” button on the official to download the
    Bingo Cabin software file.

bingo cabin download instructions save file
  • Click the “Save File” button.

bingo cabin download instructions open file
  • Once the Bingo Cabin download is complete, double-click the “BingoCabin_Downloader.exe” file located in the folder on your computer where downloads are saved. Click “OK” if you are asked to open the file.

bingo cabin download instructions run file
  • Click the “Run” button.

bingo cabin number two circle  Bingo Cabin Registration
bingo cabin registration screenshot
  • Fill in your account registration details correctly.
  • Upon signing in, your Bingo Cabin welcome bonus will be credited to your account.
bingo cabin number three circle  Install Bingo Cabin
bingo cabin installer next button
  • Click the “Next” button and wait for the Bingo Cabin game to finish the set-up process.

bingo cabin desktop icon screenshot
  • Double-click the BingoCabin icon on your desktop to start playing!
That’s it! Bingo Cabin should now be installed and ready to go.

Troubleshooting / Common Download Problems

The following are some of the most common Bingo Cabin download issues.

If you are a Windows XP SP2 user, your automatic downloads may be blocked by Internet Explorer. Here’s how to get around this: (1) right-click on the Information Bar and (2) select Download File.

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